"Firefighting Is Destroying The Fire Triangle":

This is a training during which a one-hour long theoretical part is taught followed by a practical part of one hour. A fire experiment will be conducted as an observer. This training is for aspiring firefighters who are currently enrolled in the first grade of Firefighter training and have successfully completed section 2.

Training plan :

Duration : 2 hours

Maximum number of participants :

Type of training:

Equipment required per participant: 
Full turnout gear and breathing apparatus plus 1 spare bottle.

Equipment provided with the training: 
NFPA 1403 certified instructors, a mobile simulator that complies with the 1402 NFPA norm, burning wood, a thermal camera, a mini-simulator, a student guide.

Teaching materials used: 
PowerPoint presentation, min-laboratory as experience

Certification : 
Participation Certificate issued by au Coeur-Des-Vallées school board or school by Notre Dame de Foy (CNDF) Fire Academy that may be part of component 2 or component 3 of the financial assistance program of the Ministry of Public Safety.

Space required by the client: 
A training room or vehicle bay at the fire station, a practical training area detached from all buildings, a steel container for fire debris and chemical toilets, if need be.

Training objective:

  • Experiencing in practice the fire growth theory of section 2 of the Firefighter Training I.
  • Experiencing the fire curve and its 3 stages
  • Understanding and observing the propagation modes
  • Becoming familiar with SCBA in an warm and real atmosphere
  • Appreciate the full turnout gear
  • Introduction to the principles of simple decontamination
  • Passing on knowledge needed to safely intervene
FORMARISK - Formation en sécurité incendie