Firefighter Development:

A training during which a one hour-long theoretical part is taught followed by a three-hour long practical part. Two fire experiments will be conducted: one as an observer and another as a port fire hose party.

Training plan:

Duration : 4 hours

Maximum number of participants :

Type of training :

Equipment required per participant : 
Full turnout gear and breathing apparatus plus 1 bottle of reserve.

Equipment provided with the training: 
NFPA 1403 certified instructors, a mobile simulator that complies with the 1402 NFPA norm, burning wood, a thermal camera, a mini-simulator, a student guide

Teaching materials used:
PowerPoint presentation, mini-laboratory as  experience

Certification : 
Participation Certificate issued by au Coeur-Des-Vallées school board or school by Notre Dame de Foy (CNDF) Fire Academy.

Space required by the client: 
A training room or vehicle bay at the fire station, a practical training area detached from all buildings, a steel container for fire debris and chemical toilets, if need be.

Training objectives:

  • Reviewing the basic principals of the chemistry of fire
  • Recognizing the warning signs of flashovers
  • Knowing the five dangers of C.O.M.I.X smoke
  • Introduction to the principles of simple decontamination
  • Understanding the water effect on fire
  • Adopting a proper application of water and having a good holding position of the water hose
  • Knowing how to safely enter a room or building
  • Passing on knowledge needed to safely intervene
FORMARISK - Formation en sécurité incendie