Grain Bin Rescue:

This is a 30-hour long training session on Grain Bin Rescue depending on the operational reality of the Fire Department.

Training plan:

Duration: 30 hours

Maximum number of participants:

Type of training:

Equipment required per participant: 
Height Rescue gear and materials, practice location

Equipment provided with the training: 
Instructors recognized at the BA 5322 level of Fire training, Grain Bin Rescue equipment rental.

Teaching materials used: 
PowerPoint presentation, introduction of the rescue materials.

Notre Dame de Foy (CNDF) Fire Academy campus, FORMARISK.

Space required by the client: 
A training room or vehicle bay at the fire station, indoor or outdoor training area.

Training objectives:

  • Understanding what a rescue is
  • Role and responsibility
  • Working with rescue materials
  • Performing basic maintenance and basic checks of rescue equipment
  • Understanding and applying different anchors
  • Recognizing and anticipating the dangers of a rescue operation
  • Review detection and measurement
  • Understanding the principles of Trench Rescue
  • Knowledge of the agricultural environment
FORMARISK - Formation en sécurité incendie